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Palazzo Pitti
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Pitti is quite a famous name in Florence and the Pitti Palace is living proof of its historical fame along with the once exquisite Boboli Gardens that are found behind it.

Luca Pitti, wealthy banker and friend of another notorious Florentine name; Medici, precisely Cosimo de'Medici, decided to construct a palace that would out shadow that of his friend's Medici Palace, so starting in the mid 1400's he collaborated with the architect Brunelleschi on a plan for its design. Around 1465, unfortunately Luca Pitti suffered a financial decline and ironically the palace fell into the hands of another Medici; Eleonora di Toledo, wife of Cosimo I who hired the architect Bartholomew Ammannati to continue its construction. However, the Pitti Palace we see today took many years to complete even after Eleonora di Toledo became its owner.
Many famous artists made their contribution to the prestigious monument visited by millions of tourists each year, and exhibited inside are numerous galleries and museums that include the Palatine Gallery which holds "La Donna Velata" by Raphael.

A collection of portraits of the family Medici can be found in the Royal Apartments which consist of 14 rooms. Extending through another 30 rooms is the Gallery of Modern Art.
A collection of priceless jewellery and silver decorated with frescoes from the 17th century can be found in the Silver Museum and for a viewing of theatrical costumes and garments worn by the Medici family one can visit the Costume Gallery. A curious part of the Pitti Palace is the Museum of Zoology and Natural History, actually one of the first parts of Pitti Palace to be opened to the public.

The palace has been lived in by many famous families which include the Medicis, the Lorraines, the Bourbons, the Bonapartes and the Savoys.